Track Editor - Track Properties Tool

Track Properties Tool #

The Track Properties Tool allows you to define some things about how your track appears in the game.

World Size #

The World Size defines how big your track is compared to the cars that are going to be racing in it. A smaller world size means the cars will be relatively large in the world - and a larger world size means the cars will be relatively small in the world. You can change this parameter at any time, but you should take a backup before doing so, as the position and scale of objects may not remain the same!

Water Level #

The Water Level determines at what Terrain Height value, water is visible. If you set this to, for example, 100, every point on the terrain with a height value of less than 100, will be covered in water. You can use this in conjunction with the Terrain Height Tool to add water to your tracks.

View Properties #

Combined, the View Angle, Track Rotation and Zoom sliders determine how your track will be seen in-game.

To best understand how this works, use the Preview camera setting in the Track Editor’s top-bar, and adjust the sliders.

  • View Angle - this affects the angle of the track as it is displayed on the screen. Somewhere around 40-60 is normal. 10 (the lowest value) is nearly flat against the ground, and 90 (the maximum value) means you’ll see the track from a top-down perspective.
  • Track Rotation - this property determines how your track is rotated on the screen. You can use this if you just think your track looks better the other way around, or to add something artistic!
  • Zoom - as the name implies, this governs how close to the track the camera is when playing. Many values can work for this depending on the type of track you’re trying to build!

Other Properties #

  • Track Name - this is the name your track will display in the Steam Workshop and also in the game’s user interface.
  • Author’s Name - the name of the track author, for attribution.
  • Comment - a comment from the track’s author to those playing or downloading the track. This comment will be added to your Steam Workshop upload, too.
  • Real World Track? - check this box so that those playing or downloading the track know whether it’s based on a real-life location (such as an existing racing circuit) or whether it’s fictional.
  • Track Type - select what type of track this is, so that players can sort their tracks appropriately.