Track Editor for GR1 Users

Track Editor for GR1 Users #

This page will cover a few of the important similarities and differences between the GeneRally 1 Track Editor, and the new GeneRally 2 Track Editor.

Feature-Equivalence #

With GeneRally 2, we have tried to ensure that all of the features you expect from the GeneRally Track Editor still exist. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll find that there is significantly more functionality - and more features and improvements will be coming in the future.

New Features #

3D Views #

The new Track Editor has both a “traditional” 2D view, as well as a 3D editing option and the ability to preview tracks as they’ll appear in-race.

Test Mode #

You can drive your tracks (alone, or with AI) directly in the Editor.

Terrain Masks #

You now have the ability to paint only on certain surfaces (for example, only painting mud on grass, but not on tarmac).

Easier Object Placement #

There are now multiple modes for placing objects, including a brush tool and a line tool.

Outlining #

You can now paint an outline around any painting brush, with any other surface.

Speed Limiters #

Speed limiters have completely changed from GeneRally 1, and are now areas you can specify where a car’s speed cannot exceed the speed limit.

AI Lines #

AI lines have the same basic property as in GeneRally 1, but way in which that works has changed significantly. Now you can define the edges of the racing surface, and the line between points can be curved.

Other Differences #

Height map importing is “lossy” #

Due to the fact that GeneRally 2’s height system is more detailed, there are a lot more than 255 values used in-game. As a result, when you export a height map to PNG, there will be a loss of “accuracy” - when you import the PNG back into the Editor, you can use the smoothing tool to mitigate this problem.

No kerb tool #

The kerb tool has been removed, but kerbs can be easily painted with either the terrain mask mode, or with the dotted/dashed line tool.

No “Import AI Line” option #

AI cars no longer follow a “simple line” when driving, so this feature may or may not come in later versions.

GR1 Track Importing #

This feature is now available!