GeneRally 1 Importing

GR1 Importing #

Track files from GeneRally 1 (.trk format) can be imported into GeneRally 2, either directly to race on or via the Track Editor for further work and uploading to the Steam Workshop.

Importing Directly #

Any tracks placed in the GR1Tracks folder in the game’s main directory, can be accessed via the in-game menu to load directly in-game.

Please Note: If you select more than 6 players, the option to play GR1 tracks will be disabled, and any GR1 tracks in your selected tracks list will be removed. GR1 tracks only support 6 players. If you wish to upgrade a track to support more players, you can load it into the Track Editor.

Limitations #

Some tracks from GeneRally 1 will import better than others, due to a variety of factors. Most notably, tracks with complex object placement (e.g. combining objects to make new ones) and those with detailed land-map work, may not import very well.

Tracks with particularly difficult or car-specific AI lines may not produce expected results. In addition, no speed limiters will be imported.

Tracks making use of a particular screen resolution or camera angle to achieve a track-based effect, may also not produce expected results.

Importing via the Track Editor #

You can use the Import Track button on the top-bar of the Track Editor interface to import a track for editing. The resulting track can be edited exactly like a regular GeneRally 2 track.

You cannot save to a GeneRally 1 track file - so you will be required to provide a filename for your imported track when saving.

Workshop Uploading #

After importing a GeneRally 1 track into the Track Editor, and saving it as a GeneRally 2 track, you can upload the track to the Workshop as normal.

Please keep in mind that you may only upload tracks to which you have the rights, to Steam Workshop. Typically, this will be tracks that you have created yourself, or that you have explicit permission from the original author to upload.

Please do not upload tracks to Steam Workshop without the author’s permission.